Womens’ Leadership Forums

The Women Lawyers Leadership Forum has been designed to help make law firm careers sustainable for women. Recent statistics indicate that despite the number of institutional changes that law firms have made to improve the retention rate of women lawyers, the percent of women partners in law firms has remained relatively flat at under 20% over the last twenty years.

The Women Lawyers Leadership Forum focuses specifically on helping women become more efficient, effective, successful and fulfilled in work and in life.

The training is a year-long program in which groups of 8-10 peers meet in a confidential, non-competitive setting for three hours, 10 times per year.  The meetings offer the following:

1. On-going professional development and coaching on leadership skills for successfully managing career and home life. Content includes:

  • Strengthening entrepreneurial skills
  • Developing effective communication skills that lead to action and results
  • Building personal confidence and partner-level presence
  • Designing a vision for work/life integration based on the client’s personal values
  • Strengthening the ability to remain calm and resilient in the face of multiple demands and competing commitments

2. Time for reflection and planning to allow the client to expand her capacity to be strategic about her choices in her career and life

3. Time for discussion of real-time challenges with an experienced leadership coach and a group of peers

4. A community of support and feedback

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you know, please send an email to: