Training Programs


There is currently a significant gap between what lawyers are taught in law school and trained in as associates, and what is expected of them when they become partners.

Firms are doing a great job of selecting and training smart, experienced lawyers. However, they are expecting these same lawyers, as they progress, to become experts in marketing and leadership – areas in which they have been provided little to no training to develop as new core competencies.

Susan Dunlap Associates, in partnership with faculty from Georgetown University’s acclaimed Leadership Coaching Program, has created a curriculum that focuses on the development of the key skills that are at the core of the qualities of successful partners.

Program Content

All training programs are customized for each client to ensure that the content is relevant and immediately applicable in the client’s firm.  Below is a list of the eight competencies that form of the core of these programs.

  • Effective entrepreneurial skills resulting in new business generation, client service, and retention and cross-selling
  • Communication skills that engender trust and lead to action and results
  • Effective delegation and use of leverage
  • Effective management of time and priorities
  • Ability to enroll and inspire others toward a common goal
  • Authentic leadership presence that engenders confidence
  • Ability to sustain resilience under stress
  • Initiative and motivation to drive one’s own career path


The content of our programs can be adapted for a variety of audiences within the firm. Audiences that have benefited

  • Emerging Leaders Training Programs
  • Partner or Practice Group Training Programs
  • Newly Elected Partners Training Programs
  • Senior Associates Training Programs
  • Women and Minority Lawyers Training Programs