About Us

Susan Dunlap & Associates helps lawyers become more successful and fulfilled in work and in life. We provide executive and leadership coaching and training programs specifically designed to address issues and challenges faced by lawyers.

In today’s market for legal services, having a keen intellect, excellent technical skills and extensive experience in a specialized area of practice are necessary but not sufficient to being successful. Successful lawyers distinguish themselves through strong emotional intelligence and strategic planning skills that greatly enhance business generation, client service, productivity, resilience and effective leadership of teams and practice groups.

Susan Dunlap & Associates helps lawyers develop and use emotional intelligence and strategic planning skills to leverage their intellect, training and experience to achieve:

  • More business and stronger client relationships
  • Higher productivity and profitability
  • Stronger leadership
  • Increased resilience in managing multiple competing demands
  • Greater work-life balance

Our coaching and training programs are all based on Susan Dunlap’s unique perspective developed over the last two decades of working alongside law firm leaders on some of their most challenging issues.