Leadership Coaching Programs

The importance of strong, strategic leadership in every law firm is greater today than ever before.  The effects of national and international economic developments in recent years have made leadership skills a critical differentiating factor between successful and unsuccessful firms.

In many firms, lawyers with little to no experience or training are being asked to manage multi-million dollar businesses or business units. In addition, in most cases, they are asked to balance being a producer and a manager.

Susan Dunlap & Associates’ Executive Coaching Program for Law Firm Leaders consists of confidential individualized coaching sessions tailored specifically to each leader. The coaching process is a collaborative effort to hone innate talents into effective leadership skills.

The coach will also provide practical tools, frameworks and practices to support the client in meeting their objectives and will provide support for the implementation of action plans most suited to the client’s definition of success.

The transformational power of the coaching process arises from the coach working with the client’s natural skills and self-awareness in real-time situations on an on-going basis.

Lawyers who have benefited from this service include:

  • Practice group heads
  • Policy committee members
  • Office Managing Partners
  • Firm-wide Managing Partners and Chairmen

Some common issues addressed include:

  • Clarifying the vision for the firm or practice group
  • Developing greater self awareness and a deeper understanding about how the lawyer is perceived by others
  • Understanding how to create and sustain a functional practice group
  • Building consensus and inspiring others toward a common goal
  • Leading and managing through change
  • Developing new business as a practice group and increasing its productivity and profitability
  • Handling difficult personnel issues
  • Leveraging time and resources
  • Increasing resilience and ability to manage multiple competing demands